upcoming “To Glory” (poem) Sinister Wisdom, summer 2022

“Starchild” (flash fiction) South Florida Poetry Journal, 2021

“Of No Nation” (poem) Valiant Scribe, 2021

Sense-Hate-Some” (poem) MOLLYHOUSE, 2021

The River Flows And Now I Know,” “Dirt, Dust, Den,” “Woodman Hollow,” and “Cherry” (poems) Goats Milk Magazine, 2021

“What the Water Keeps” (poem) Response Issue 03, 2021

Four Flights” (poem) Decolonial Passage, 2021

Freedom In Their Bindings” (poem) Decolonial Passage, 2021

Magical Kitchens” (poem) Awake, Lucky Jefferson, 2021

Pennsylvania Diversity Network, Valley Gay Press
Book Reviewer and Column Contributor, 2007 – 2013

“She, Her, and the Spaghetti Sauce,” “Trailer Trash,” and “Vibrations” (poem and short stories) Sinister Wisdom 85, Winter 2012

The Buff and Blue, Article Contributor, 2010 – 2011